Spring can pose a few problems for our feline friends. At this time of year there’s an increase in pollen and pests and, with many of us spring cleaning the house or out weeding the garden, there’s also an increase in the presence of chemicals.

It can be a tough time for your cat as they’re more prone to having an allergy, getting fleas or, worse, accidentally being poisoned. So how can we protect our cats from suffering during springtime?

1. Be mindful of spring-cleaning products

Spring cleaning is great for removing unwanted fleas from carpets and your cat’s bedding, but cleaning products can irritate your cat’s skin and dust can cause them to sneeze. Keep your cat in another room while you clean.

2. Treat your cat for fleas – and watch out for bees!

Springtime is prime breeding weather for fleas and bees, and numbers increase dramatically. Fleas can cause skin reactions and make your cat scratch or groom obsessively. Make sure your cat is on a regular flea treatment. There’s not much you can do about bees, other than keep your flowering plants at a height higher than your inquisitive cat. Speak to us for recommendations on flea treatment.

3. Avoid poisonous plants in your garden

It’s lovely to get out into the garden in spring, but make sure to protect you cat by keeping poisonous plants such as tulips, azaleas or oleander out of your garden beds. Check out the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals comprehensive list of poisonous plants so you know what to avoid.

If you’ve got a lawn, try to mow it regularly during spring, as grass seeds can get inside your cat’s toes, ears or even eyes, and cause infections. Pollen counts go through the roof during spring causing your cat to have allergies – they’ll itch like mad if affected. Read about Grass Seeds.

4. Don’t use snail bait and pesticides

Snail bait is bad for cats, so get out in your garden at night and remove snails by hand. Avoid using pesticides and herbicides too – all are poisonous to our furry friends, so remove those weeds the old-fashioned way. Check out our article Poisons in the Household.

5. Make sure your cat is neutered or spayed

Cats go on heat during spring, resulting in lots of unwanted kittens. Unless you’re a breeder, make sure you take your cat to the vet to be neutered or spayed.

And here’s a tip to protect all those fluffy springtime fledglings – if you let your cat outside, put a bell on their collar!