Have you ever been sitting down on a hot summer’s day indulging in a cool icy treat, with two hopeful eyes staring up at you? This article will give you some ideas for DIY ice treats to keep your furry friend cool this summer.

Chilly tuna bites

What you need:

  • Tuna (canned is fine, just make sure it is in spring water)
  • Baking paper


Place small bite size pieces in dollops on the baking paper, then place in the freezer. You can also blend this with any other ingredients your pet enjoys before freezing!

Icy Kong soup

What you need:

  • Low sodium broth
  • Any assorted meats (high in protein, low in salt)
  • Kong Toy


Make a low sodium broth and mix in some special meats for your pet. Tape off the end of a kong toy (for dogs or cats)
and fill the toy up with the broth, then freeze. Once frozen they can lick it as it melts, this will keep them refreshed on a toasty summer day.

Icy cold delights


  • Ice cube tray or cupcake pans (get creative with shapes as well!)
  • Chicken broth or water
  • A packet of pet treats


Fill the ice cube tray or cupcake pans with either the chicken broth or water then simply add the treat. Depending on the type of treat, you can get creative in how you place it! Place the tray in the freezer and wait until solid. This is the perfect indulgence for your pet to keep them entertained.

Alterations are easy to make to these recipes! Just make sure that the food is pet safe and of high nutritional value for your pet, if you are unsure of your pet’s dietary requirements speak to your local vet.